Inauguration Ceremony with the President of Colombia and Nobel of Peace, Juan Manuel Santos

Del 13 al 16 de junio, la doctoranda Vanessa Prieto-Sandoval asistió al Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad de Investigación para el Desarrollo Sostenible, en Bogotá, Colombia, con el fin de presentar nuestros avances en la línea de Economía Circular. Esta conferencia ha tenido 23 ediciones y es la primera vez que visita latinoamérica, además fue inaugurada por el Presidente de Colombia y Nobel de Paz, Juan Manuel Santos.

Los papers de inivetigación que Tecnun presentó se titulan “Key strategies to implement circular economy in SMEs” “The growing acceptance of eco-labelling: an empirical analysis in Spain”. El primero de ellos recibió la mención de “Best paper runner up” en la ceremonia de cierre de manos de la Dra. Pauline Deutz, vicepresindente del ISDRS y del Profesor Eduardo Wills,  presidente de la conferencia este año y profesor titular de la Facultad de Administración de la Universidad de Los Andes.

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A continuación, incluimos su saludo a la conferencia, en el que sintetiza sus motivaciones y la investigación que presentó.

Vanessa Prieto Sandoval, Ph.D. Student Industrial Management Department, Universidad de Navarra (Spain)            

I’m Vanessa Prieto Sandoval, proudly from Bogotá, Colombia. I’m studying a Ph.D. in Applied Engineering at the University of Navarra (Spain), which is focused on the Circular Economy Implementation in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). I want to participate at the ISDRS conference because I think that the research communities have to work together to really “do something” and create useful knowledge to help our companies to implement eco-innovative ways of production, to encourage the sustainable consumption and to propose political solutions for the environmental challenge that we currently live.

As Colombian, I had the privilege to grow up in rich and biodiverse landscapes, in contrast to cities like Bogotá with a fast industrial and economic progress based on the resources depletion. This is a local example of how the current economy has forgotten the fact that infinite growth is not possible. Therefore, if we don’t keep safe the only earth we have, the exploration of new planets we become a need, not an option.

I’m convinced that we need a change of paradigm from the anthropocentric sociological view to ecocentrism. As follows, the circular economy clearly represents the most advanced and recent manifestation of this paradigm shift. Consequently, in this conference, I will present two papers: The first one is titled “Key strategies to implement circular economy in SMEs”. This study proposes a kit of strategies that could help SMEs to mature and orient their corporate strategy towards the circular economy and build a competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, this study proposes a group of internal and external factors that should support the implementation of the kit of strategies. Finally, some useful dynamic capabilities are defined to undertake the circular economy in the business performance. The second one is titled  “The growing acceptance of eco-labelling: an empirical analysis in Spain”. In this study, we argue that an ecolabel is the visible manifestation of a voluntary eco-innovation process. In this process, consumers’ environmental expectations are met; firms increase their created and captured value and enhance their sustainability, and governments and institutions foster sustainable production and consumption. Thus, the aim of this study is to assess the EU Label growing acceptance in the European Union and, more specifically in Spain by product categories and by geographical regions. Both studies may contribute as an important guidance for policy makers and firms to trigger sustainable practices and the transition to a circular economy in Spain and other regions with cultural proximity, like Ibero-America.


From 13 to 16 June, Dr. Vanessa Prieto-Sandoval attended the International Congress of the Research Society for Sustainable Development, in Bogotá, Colombia, in order to present our advances in the line of Circular Economy. This conference has had 23 editions and is the first time that it visits Latin America, in addition, was inaugurated by the President of Colombia and Nobel of Peace, Juan Manuel Santos.

The papers of innovation that Tecnun presented are titled “Key strategies to implement circular economy in SMEs” and “The growing acceptance of eco-labeling: an empirical analysis in Spain”. The first of them received the mention of “Best paper runner up” in the closing ceremony of Dr. Pauline Deutz, vice president of the ISDRS and Professor Eduardo Wills, president of the conference this year and professor of the Faculty of Administration of the University of Los Andes.




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